Pauleth Jauregui


This Tijuana born and raised #BeutifulHuman began her career at an early age. When many of us were packing lunches for Kindergarten, Pauleth was packing her ballet slippers. This incredible soul began her journey in the arts as a classical ballet dancer. This wonderful discipline lead her to the world of musical theater. She has been in featured plays like El Grande de Coca-cola, Chicago: The Musical, Peter Pan, Night Before Christmas and many others. It is through this medium she discovered her passion for singing. She loves all music. Her favorite bands include Queen, Led Zepplin, La Quinta Estacion, Idina Menzel and Monsieur Perine. Her greatest inspiration is the late and great Freddy Mercury. In 2017 Pauleth joined the circle of Dharma.


Ronny Dawood


AKA Dah Beast!! Why? Because he’s a savage with a pair of sticks. Our friend Ronny is originally from Iraq. He moved to Chicago when he was still in diapers. His passion for drums started at an early age. Some speculate he might have mastered the drums before he was potty trained. We are not sure. The Beast is influenced by all music, from the 60’s to today. His favorite bands include, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. Throughout his career Ronny has collaborated with other Chicago bands, including a previous project involving Dharma’s lead guitarist, Juan. In 2017 Juan handed Ronny a drumstick and he’s been a #BeautifulHuman ever since.


Juan Garcia

Guitar / Composer

Morelia born and Chicago raised. Juan discovered his passion for composing at an early age. By the time he was 14, he was obsessed with figuring out chords and going beyond a simple strum. Never one to stick to a genre. His lyrics are basically a diary of his life. Some based on a casual experience. Have you listened to Flower Girl? Juan Draws inspiration from life, books, philosophy and is a fan of simple complexity. His favorite bands are Radiohead, The Doors, Tame Impala, Deep Purple and La Femme. In 2017, Juan thought to himself, “Dharma would be a cool name for a band…”


Pepe Herrera


Jose (aka Pepe, aka Jo) hails from Santa Ana Maya, where he began his musical career. Loving music was not an option. Pepe comes from a family of musicians and was learning to play the bass before he could walk. Pepe moved to Mexico City when he was in his teens where he discovered his uncle’s stash of vinyls that included The Beatles, Black Sabbath, The Rolling Stones and Janis Joplin. Pepe has been in projects on both sides of the border. He’s collaborated with other bands and founded the Spanish rock band Duo de Tress in 2012. Don’t worry, Dharma is his main squeeze. Pepe is not held back by any genre and believes diversity inspires creativity. In 2017, this #BeautifulHuman joined the circle.